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🔐Exploring Ways to Secure Your App: From Cookies to Two-Step Verification

18. 04. 2024

Article about ways how to make app secure

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📂File Management with JavaScript in Node.js

24. 01. 2024

Did you know that you can manage files on your computer using JavaScript? In this article, we will explore how to manage files using JavaScript in Node.js.

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🎓 GitHub for students benefits (must know if you are a student)

02. 11. 2023

GitHub for students benefits (must know if you are a student)

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What is an open graph? You must know this feature in web development.

23. 10. 2023

Open Graph is a protocol that allows you to control the content that is displayed when a link is shared on social media.

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What is Web OTP, and which benefits do it provide to users?

01. 10. 2023

Discover the benefits of using WebOTP API on your website for secure and seamless authentication.

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The importance of application testing

10. 07. 2023

Why is testing and what is automatic testing?

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Open-source software: what makes it so attractive?

27. 04. 2023

Open-source became a buzzword in the last decade. But what is it, and why is it so attractive?

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Let's talk about something: Cyber Bullying

12. 02. 2023

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets.

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A year full of success and new knowledge—Dev Retro 2022

27. 12. 2022

My year in review for Dev Retro 2022.

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How I set up my home server

02. 12. 2022

Guide on how to set up your home server with Nextcloud on old laptop.

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How to make a website compliant with Europe law

07. 10. 2022

How to make a website compliant with Europe law (GDPR, Cookies, Analytics)

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One month internship at HRC

14. 07. 2022

My experience with a one-month internship at HRC.

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Web Storage API - Explain Like I'm Five

13. 06. 2022

Another way to save data in our web applications

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13. 05. 2022

SQL vs. NoSQL. What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL?

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Why is an SSL certificate important?🔐

05. 04. 2022

Benefits of having an SSL certificate on your website.

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What is CRUD?

25. 03. 2022

CURD? What is CRUD? What does CRUD mean?

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How did I build a mobile app for my school?

20. 03. 2022

ŠCC Mobile — App for School Center Celje

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Is a progressive web application the future?

21. 02. 2022

Progressive web application (PWA) is a hybrid of a web app and a native app. Are they the future?

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How to bypass CAPTCHA?

07. 02. 2022

Annoying CAPTCHA? Here is the solution

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Find A reason why to write a blog📚

21. 01. 2022

Writing a blog is not just a hobby, but it opens up a lot of opportunities.

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Top 5 NuxtJS modules for your next project [2022 edition]

19. 12. 2021

NuxtJS must-have modules for your next project

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How to make money as a programmer in a simple way🤑

29. 10. 2021

As a programmer there are many ways to make money. In this article I will show you 5 ways to make money.

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Let's program the Arduino with Javascript🤯

26. 10. 2021

Have you ever programmed an Arduino? Did you know that Arduino can be programmed with JavaScript?😏

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My first Microsoft Form App in C#

24. 09. 2021

Step-by-step guide how to make your first desktop app in C#

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Must know platforms for networking as a computer science geek

20. 09. 2021

PolyWork and ShowCase are two platforms that are a must for every computer science geek.

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Unlimited JavaScript (or where can I use JavaScript)

15. 09. 2021

JavaScript is even more popular than you think

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How show PDF in vanilla JavaScript in Browser🤯

06. 09. 2021

Tutorial on how to display PDF in vanilla JavaScript in Browser

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How to install WordPress

19. 08. 2021

Most popular CMS system in the world. Tutorial on how to install WordPress

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Must know basic Linux commands

12. 08. 2021

Linux must know basic commands. This article will help you to get started with Linux.

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Beginning in the world of cryptocurrencies

27. 06. 2021

All you need to know about cryptocurrencies

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How to get a free domain and DNS hosting?

23. 06. 2021

Need a free domain and DNS hosting? This article is for you!