🎓 GitHub for students benefits (must know if you are a student)

02. 11. 2023

2 min

I have said many times that computer science is a huge field in which everyone can find themselves. Being a computer science student has its advantages and benefits, and one such advantage is what GitHub offers with its GitHub for Education program and the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

The GitHub Student Developer Pack gives students access to the tools companies use in their development. GitHub and its partners are aware of this and make it possible for students to get these tools.

How do I get access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack?

If you don't have a GitHub profile yet, just create one on the GitHub website. I recommend that you create a GitHub account with your personal email address and add your school email address to the account.

If you have a GitHub user account, visit the GitHub Education website and click the "Sign up for Student Developer Pack" button

In the next step, a new page will open, on which you can click "Get student benefits".

A form with three questions will open. In the first question, you select the appropriate school email address. The next question can be filled in automatically, or you will need to enter the school's name manually. The last question is what is your purpose for using GitHub?

GitHub can now ask you to upload a certificate or proof that you are indeed a student.

Your request will be processed within one week. As soon as your application is approved, you will be able to start using GitHub for students benefits.

What benefits does the package bring me?

The package brings a lot of benefits that can make it easier to enter the world of computing. Some of them are:

  • Subscription to GitHub Pro for the duration of the course
  • JetBrains IDE subscription
  • Subscription to Azure for Students with annual credit of 100 EUR and some license programs.
  • Free .me domain for a year
  • 6-month subscription to the Educative portal

You can view all benefits on the GitHub Education website


I hope this post has convinced you to try out tools from GitHub and partners. Just bravely try the benefits of the package.